Making Memories....

It doesn’t get any better than this …..

 Summer in the beautiful sunny Okanagan.  As a little girl I would come to the Okanagan camping with my family, my memories are so vivid they feel like it was just yesterday.  I can still remember sitting up on the lookout above Osoyoos, feeling the sun on my face, the breeze blowing my pony tails and looking down at the lake in absolute awe.  Thinking this was the most beautiful place on earth and as it turns out, I was right.  Coming from a northern BC town, going to the Okanagan on summer break was a true adventure.  Don’t get me wrong, Terrace, BC is exceptionally beautiful and world renowned for fishing and hiking and most outdoor activities but it so geographically different from the Okanagan.  It felt like a world away to a six year old.

The times  spent camping in a huge old canvas tent  with all my sisters and brothers, picking cherries and eating until we were almost sick, swimming in the lake until dark day after day, building forts and riding bikes, nothing could compare, and it made for great stories when school was back in September.

Sadly, there aren’t many of those old camp grounds left, they’ve been replaced with high end condos, resorts and cottages now but luckily memories can’t be redeveloped or bulldozed.

I’ve done a lot of the same type of camping with my children, from the Kootenay’s to Terrace and everywhere in between.   I know when they look back; their memories will be as mine are, irreplaceable and I’m so incredibly glad that I took the time to enjoy them, their time, my time.  

Unfortunately as our lives get busier, all too often it’s the most important things that lose out.   We have to constantly remind ourselves not to let life pass us by, live for the moment.  You can’t go back in time and re-do your children’s childhood; you can’t relive those missed adventures.  You only get one shot at life and it shouldn’t be put off for next weekend, next summer, next year.  

As a dear friend of mine reminded me on more than one occasion - sometimes next never comes.  

Love and miss you Sally Habib and thank you so much for reminding me to live large!